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, & Course Name: An Introduction to Intervention for Students with EBD and Related Comorbidities

Course Developers: Gabby Crowell (Vanderbilt University), Jessica Bourget (University of Connecticut), and Blair Payne (University of Texas at Austin)

Course Description: This course focuses on students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). The course explores areas highly correlated with EBD (i.e., internalizing and language disorders) and how prospective upper-elementary and middle school teachers can best support students with these co-occurring needs. Grades of focus: 4th – 8th

Learning Objectives: 

1) Teachers will be able to identify students with or at risk for EBD and cultural considerations that may impact the student’s behavior and their identification of EBD.

2) Teachers will understand how to apply universal frameworks for students with EBD who may experience comorbidities in language or internalizing behaviors.

3) Learners should be able to apply course content to a variety of case studies depicting students with the comorbidities of focus (i.e., EBD and language or internalizing disorders). Within thesecase studies, learners should be able to identify the following:

  • the comorbidity (if present),
  • cultural considerations,
  • tier 1 (UDL) supports in place,
  • additional data needed to make instructional modifications,
  • team members who may need to be included in the decision-making process,
  • teaming strategies to support the comorbidity, and
  • IEP/BIP recommendations

**For access to a complete set of materials for a particular course, please email a request to nclii@vanderbilt.edu.

Course citation: Crowell, G., Bourget, J., & Payne, B. (2024). An Introduction to Intervention for Students with EBD and Related Comorbidities. National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention-2; Grant H325H190003. Washington, DC: US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. Available at https://nclii.org/scholar-designed-courses/students-with-ebd/

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