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Course Developers: Britta Bresina, Maria Lemler-Hugh, BrittanyLee Martin, Alyssa Van Camp

Course Description: This Masters-level course will provide graduate level students with the theoretical and pedagogical tools for assessing students’ response to intensive and intensified interventions in their areas of need across developmental domains. Students will leave the class with in-depth knowledge of the assessment process from identifying a skill to assess to monitoring a student’s progress. The course will first approach the topic by teaching measurement and data-based decision-making principles for skills across content areas and then apply these principles to academic skills (mathematics, writing, reading).

Learning Objectives: 

1. Describe and discuss basic concepts associated with data-based decision making in planning instructional programs for students with disabilities, including: program planning, and progress evaluation.
2. Describe criteria for the selection of appropriate assessment tools, including reliability, validity, norming, etc.
3. Describe and discuss different types of assessment instruments.
4. Determine what type of information in useful in instructional planning in students with disabilities.
5. Administer, score, and interpret assessment results used in class.
6. Describe assessment techniques, including error analysis, curriculum-based assessment, curriculum based measurement, and observation.
7. Describe issues related to assessing culturally and linguistically diverse students, including trends and issues relating to testing instruments and techniques.
8. Conduct progress monitoring assessments and use this data to or assess the need for intervention/make intervention adaptations and inform future instructional decisions.

Developed course materials include the following:

    • Syllabus for 15 weeks of instruction
    • Class PowerPoints
    • Required texts and readings
    • Detailed assignment instructions and related rubrics
    • In-class materials and activity sheets
    • Case studies
    • Final exam and scoring key
    • Grading criteria

**For access to a complete set of materials for a particular course, please email a request to nclii@vanderbilt.edu.

Course citation: Bresina, B.C., Hugh, M.L., Martin, B.N., Sargent, K., & Van Camp, A.M. (2019) Scholar-designed Course in Assessing Student Response to Intensive Interventions. National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention; Grant H325H140001. Washington, DC: US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. Available at http://nclii.org/scholar-designed-courses/assessing-student-response-to-intensive-interventions/.

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