All NCLII scholar positions have been filled as of fall 2016 and we are no longer accepting applications.

The National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLII), a new consortium funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), will prepare special education leaders to become experts in research on intensive intervention for students with disabilities who have persistent and severe academic (e.g., reading and math) and behavioral difficulties.The project provides generous support (i.e., tuition, stipend, research funding) for 28 doctoral scholars at partner institutions in a consortium that includes Vanderbilt University, Southern Methodist University, University of Connecticut, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of Texas at Austin, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Scholars will participate in a core curriculum focused on intensive intervention and will contribute to the Intensive Intervention Network, a web site designed to advance research on and implementation of intensive intervention. The project will provide opportunities for scholars to participate in cross-institutional research activities. In addition, the consortium will provide opportunities for scholars to intern with national centers supported by OSEP (i.e., Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform [CEEDAR], National Center on Intensive Intervention [NCII], the IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University) and the Institute of Education Sciences (i.e., Accelerated Academic Achievement Center [A3]).